Work-at-height Solutions

Certified Access emerges as the foremost leader in work-at-height solutions. Together with our Certified Anchor/Fall Protection division, all access challenges ensure world-class engineered solutions.

Depending on the challenge, we can dispatch our heavy equipment Grove 131’ reach man-lift, and 650’ Tractel cable suspended scaffold or even Rope Access techniques. Rope Access has evolved as the safest, economical and efficient means to descend, ascend and traverse large areas with the lowest environmental impact and minimized interruption to operations.

  • Tallest Man-Lift

    Certified Access deploys the tallest man-lift available today. The Certified Access 131 foot Grove man-lift enables safe access to areas where ladders, rope access and suspended platforms are not feasible.
  • Scheduled Maintenance

    Certified Access will be there to help maintain property investments. Scheduled maintenance programs are developed together through a building owner’s budget and Certified Access’ strategic scheduling to avoid build up and damaging water staining.
  • Safety & Compliance Installation

    Certified Access, in combination with Certified Anchor Fall Protection division, will design, test and install work positioning equipment, anchors and fall protection systems in compliance with ANSi and OSHA standards. Professional Structural/Civil Engineering assures all codes are met, assisting building owners with a certified system.

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