Fall protection systems safety

We receive updates and support on the latest changes to ASTM, ANSI and OSHA standards and codes.

All Rope Access and Fall Protection systems we engineer, design, install, test and certify (Professional Engineer stamped) are proven to minimize potential fall distances and forces, greatly exceeding ANSI and OSHA standards and regulations. In many cases, OSHA has even granted variances for our proven systems over traditional heavy equipment and conventional methods.

  • Ice & Snow

    Certified Access can safely access ice and snow from ladder, rope access or the new Certified Access 131 foot Grove man-lift, to protect guests and property from unpredictable falling hazards.
  • Waterproofing & Caulking

    In addition to Fall Protection Anchor Systems, Electrical Signs Services and Lath/Plaster services, Certified Access holds a specialty license for waterproofing and caulking.
  • Flag Pole Maintenance

    Steeple and flag pole maintenance can be safely and quickly performed by Certified Access teams, meeting each challenge safely and legally. Though many of these challenges are met with different means and methods, the outcome is always the same. Safety, trust and world class service.

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