“One team, Infinite Solutions…” The Certified Access team will typically save clients thousands of dollars per project, with proven safe working records from certified technicians that safely access difficult areas, and also perform the tasks at hand.

Certified Access holds licenses in electrical sign service, waterproofing, lath/plaster, anchorage/fall protection systems and NDT (non destructive testing).

In addition, Certified Access regularly installs engineered systems, designed by Certified Anchor Fall Protection division, for temporary and permanent work positioning equipment used in suspended scaffolding and Rope Access overhangs and track-line systems.

  • Inspection/NDT

    For over 20 years Certified Access has provided world-class service and safe work sites for its technicians, and the public with safety inspections and NDT (non destructive testing). In a service business like this, it is the service that counts!
  • Waterproofing & Glass Replacement

    As another testament to safety, efficiency and the economic benefits of modern industrial rope access, modern rope access used by Certified Access is ANSI and OSHA approved, even for waterproofing and glass replacement!
  • Electrical Sign Service

    One team… Infinite Solutions. That’s the Certified Access motto. Electrical sign service, another Certified Access license.

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