Complete Services

  • Electrical Sign Service

    One team… Infinite Solutions. That’s the Certified Access motto. Electrical sign service, another Certified Access license.
  • Exceeding OSHA Standards

    Certified Access trains technicians to engineering-level national and international standards, recognized by OSHA as the highest standard qualifications. Certified Access advanced rope access training, and strict work guidelines, deliver an unequaled safe working record.
  • Rope Access Leader

    Certified Access has become the leader for ascending and descending buildings and structures with rope access. Where necessary, Certified Access can ascend back up for reentry and exit routes.
  • Waterproofing & Glass Replacement

    As another testament to safety, efficiency and the economic benefits of modern industrial rope access, modern rope access used by Certified Access is ANSI and OSHA approved, even for waterproofing and glass replacement!
  • Inspection/NDT

    For over 20 years Certified Access has provided world-class service and safe work sites for its technicians, and the public with safety inspections and NDT (non destructive testing). In a service business like this, it is the service that counts!
  • Tallest Man-Lift

    Certified Access deploys the tallest man-lift available today. The Certified Access 131 foot Grove man-lift enables safe access to areas where ladders, rope access and suspended platforms are not feasible.
  • SAIA Certified

    Conventional methods for work-at-height often employ suspended platforms (swing stages). Certified Access is SAIA (Scaffolding & Access Industry Association) certified to safely operate suspended platforms as well as our 650′ tractel suspended platform. In addition Certified Access is Industrial Rope Access certified through SPRAT and IRATA.
  • Safety & Compliance Installation

    Certified Access, in combination with Certified Anchor Fall Protection division, will design, test and install work positioning equipment, anchors and fall protection systems in compliance with ANSi and OSHA standards. Professional Structural/Civil Engineering assures all codes are met, assisting building owners with a certified system.
  • Scheduled Maintenance

    Certified Access will be there to help maintain property investments. Scheduled maintenance programs are developed together through a building owner’s budget and Certified Access’ strategic scheduling to avoid build up and damaging water staining.
  • Waterproofing & Caulking

    In addition to Fall Protection Anchor Systems, Electrical Signs Services and Lath/Plaster services, Certified Access holds a specialty license for waterproofing and caulking.
  • Ice & Snow

    Certified Access can safely access ice and snow from ladder, rope access or the new Certified Access 131 foot Grove man-lift, to protect guests and property from unpredictable falling hazards.
  • Flag Pole Maintenance

    Steeple and flag pole maintenance can be safely and quickly performed by Certified Access teams, meeting each challenge safely and legally. Though many of these challenges are met with different means and methods, the outcome is always the same. Safety, trust and world class service.